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  • Humane announced it will start shipping its AI Pin to those who placed priority orders starting in March 2024.
  • The pins will ship out in the order the preorders were received.
  • Humane launched the AI Pin last month.

Humane is not exactly a household name, but you may remember the announcement of its GPT-4-powered AI Pin. The company made its first product available for pre-order back in November, and now the firm has revealed when its pins will start shipping.

Back when AI Pin was officially announced, Humane said the device wouldn’t ship until early 2024. The company has now narrowed down a date, stating on X (formerly Twitter) that its AI Pin will start shipping in March 2024.

According to the social post, “those who placed priority orders will receive their Ai Pins first.” The company also appears to be taking into consideration how quickly you submitted your order as well. “We are shipping all orders in the order they were received, based on the date of purchase,” Humane says.

Just as a refresher, AI Pin is a wearable projector that’s powered by an unspecified Snapdragon processor. Instead of using a screen, the device relies on voice cues and a projector that projects information onto the user’s hand. Its main feature is AI integration, which allows it to handle actions like voice-based messaging, AI language translation, and more.

Although you won’t be one of the first to get your hands on an AI Pin, it’s still up for pre-order on Humane’s site ($699 at Humane). The device is available in Eclipse (Black) for $699, Lunar (White with polished chrome) for $799, and Equinox (Black with polished chrome) for $799.

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Humane announces AI Pin will start shipping in March

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