Lighted Glyphs on the back of the Nothing Phone (2)

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nothing finally rolls out new firmware to the Phone 2, dubbed Nothing OS 2.5.3.
  • It includes the latest security patch and comes with a new Icon Pack option for better accessibility.
  • It also fixes connectivity issues associated with Bluetooth media players.

Nothing has announced that it is rolling out new firmware for the Phone 2 — Nothing OS 2.5.3. The latest firmware update shared via Nothing’s X account reveals the new features and improvements coming to the Phone 2, next to the latest April 2024 security update. It will be rolling out to the device owners starting this week.

Nothing OS 2.5.3 on Phone (2)What’s new:🔮 Added option to apply Nothing Icon Pack solely to the home screen, for better accessibility in the App Drawer.➡️ Improved icon organisation on the Home Screen by enabling users to scroll through pages while holding app icons.… 2, 2024

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Phone 2 users will see a new option to “apply Nothing Icon Pack” for the home screen, which promises better accessibility in the app drawer. Additionally, users will also see an improved icon organization on the home screen that allows users to scroll through pages “while holding app icons.”

Other notable improvements with the Nothing OS 2.5.3 include a resolved connectivity issue with Bluetooth media players. The changelog from the tweet notes the other optimizations that come to the animations in specific scenarios for smoother transitions. 

Lastly, the Phone 2 owners can also experience improved system stability that promises to enhance the overall device’s performance in the new update.

The home screen of the Nothing Phone (2) with pink icons and wallpaper

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The latest OS 2.5.3 update appears to be long overdue, since Nothing’s other devices, like the Phone 1 and the most recent Phone 2a, are way past the 2.5.3 update. Phone 2 users have been anticipating the update over the past few weeks now, but it looks like Nothing took its time to bring the said firmware release.

The previous Nothing OS 2.5.2 version was released in January 2024, which brought several new features and customizations to the Phone 2. It included direct access to the Glyph Jnterface’s Music Visualisation and other refinements to the lock screen interface, amongst others.

That said, the latest incremental update is an extension to the significant Nothing OS 2.5 update, which brought Android 14 to the Phone 2 in December 2023.

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Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing but a good phone

Back with high-end specs and intriguing tech, the Nothing Phone (2) shakes things up with its unique take on how a smartphone should look and feel.

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