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Realme has been releasing some great mid-range smartphones this year. It has already launched over ten phones so far, and there are no signs of a pause just yet. The company released the Realme GT 6T smartphone last week, and now, it’s preparing to add another member to the GT family.

Images of the box of an upcoming Realme smartphone have leaked, revealing its name and a few features. As per these photos, the phone will be called the Realme GT6, and it could be the first Realme smartphone to include generative AI tech out of the box. Additionally, another leak suggests that Realme will introduce a new battery tech in the smartphone.

The Next Realme Smartphone To Launch Will Be the Realme GT6

Leak Reveals Realme GT6 Details Ahead Of Launch 5
Image: OnLeaks/Smartprix

Last week, Realme launched its GT 6T smartphone, featuring Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 chipset. While some are still waiting for the sales of the smartphone to begin, reports regarding another phone in the GT lineup have surfaced. Courtesy of OnLeaks (via Smartprix), we have images of the box of Realme’s upcoming GT6 smartphone.

Leak Reveals Realme GT6 Details Ahead Of Launch 6
Image: Qualcomm

The Realme GT6 would sit above the GT 6T smartphone, with better features and a higher price tag. The phone is said to be powered by the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. This chipset is becoming a favorite among smartphone brands for phones in this category, as we’ve recently seen it on Xiaomi and Poco smartphones as well.

Additionally, another source claims that Realme is also upgrading the battery tech on the GT6. The phone will get a silicon-anode high-density battery, supporting up to 100W of fast charging. Although the GT6 will rock impressive specifications, don’t expect it to be a flagship killer. Instead, this title will belong to the Realme GT6 Pro, which could launch alongside or after the GT6.

Realme’s GT6 Will Be Its First Phone to Feature Generative AI Capabilities

Leak Reveals Realme GT6 Details Ahead Of Launch 7
Image: OnLeaks/Smartprix

Realme is leveraging the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset’s on-chip AI support to load the GT6 with generative AI capabilities. The leaked image of the backside of its box lists several AI features in the phone, marking the debut of generative AI technology in Realme smartphones.

While we don’t officially know about the Realme GT6’s AI features, we’ve guessed, based on their names, how they might work. Here are the features:

  • AI Night Vision: This feature utilizes AI to help the phone capture low-light photos. We’ve already seen this on smartphones for a long time, but Realme might include artificial intelligence to improve it.
  • AI Smart Loop: This is the hardest to guess, but it might involve text generation or summarization using generative AI. Realme recently announced a similar feature with the GT Neo6 in China.
  • AI Smart Removal: This appears to be what we’ve seen on many smartphones lately: the ability to remove unwanted objects and distractions from an image.
  • AI Smart Search: It should be similar to Google’s Circle to Search feature, which we first saw on Samsung’s S24 lineup.

Expected Launch Date, Price, and Availability

Leak Reveals Realme GT6 Details Ahead Of Launch 8
Image: Realme

The Realme GT6 doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but it is expected to be launched next month in June. As for its price, we’ll have to make another guess. Since the Realme GT 6T was launched for under $500 in India, the GT6 might see a price increase of about $100.

Interestingly, a report last month suggested that Realme could launch the GT6 smartphone in the US, making it the first Realme phone to officially arrive in the country. However, there have been no further developments on this news since then. We hope Realme finalizes this decision soon, as it would mean some great budget smartphones would become available in the US market.

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