Recently, Nothing announced that they would be debuting two new earbuds on April 18. Well, how about we introduce you to the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) on April 8 instead?

First up is the Nothing Ear. These are going to be the more high-end version of the two earbuds, priced at €150. And the successor to the Nothing Ear (2), the company announced that they would be dropping the numbers from their naming for earbuds. These will include active noise cancellation, dual connection, and waterproofing with an IP54 rating, while the case gets an IPX2 rating.

Battery life is also going to be somewhat respectable here: 7.5 hours with ANC turned off, while the case will give you 33 hours. Nothing is also included, such as a fast charging feature, which allows you to get 10 hours of usage from just a 10-minute charge.

Nothing Ear will be available in black and white, as shown below. Nothing is sticking with the transparent look on these earbuds, which does look a bit more transparent on the white version. It is just a transparent stem, so the only difference in color is the earbud.

Nothing Ear (a) could be the best sub-€100 earbuds on the market

The Nothing Ear (a) is going to be pretty similar to the Nothing Ear, with the big differences being the waterproof rating and the battery life. So we’re still looking at dual connection, Active Noise Cancellation, and quick charging to get you 10 hours of playback in just 10 minutes.

On the battery life front, you’ll get eight hours of playback with ANC off, and the case will get you 38 hours of playback total. The buds are going to have a waterproof rating of IP54, while the case will get a IP55 rating. All of this for just €100.

With the Nothing Ear (a), the company will be releasing them in three colors – black, white, and yellow. The yellow color is meant to be more of an eco-friendly design for the Nothing Ear (a). But it’s unclear if the packaging will be eco-friendly, like being made from recycled paper and cardboard, just yet.

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