As far as foldables go, Motorola’s Razr phones are some of the more “safer” choices out there, thanks to decent specs and prices that don’t necessarily break the bank. As such, it looks like the brand is getting ready to launch a new model, at least according to some leaked images online.

Currently known by its codename “Motorola Glory,” the device comes with a rather familiar design, indicating that it might be a successor to the Razr 40 Ultra (or possibly Plus) model. The handset also comes with model number XT-2453-3. It’s also predicted that the device will be made available via Verizon under the Razr+ branding once it launches.

Leaked Image Showcases Upcoming Moto Razr Model – Phandroid

Based on the current leak available, the phone will feature a design that’s pretty close to Motorola’s current line-up of foldable handsets, which ditch the “classic” Razr look in lieu of a more update appearance with rounded corners and a dual-camera array similar to some of Samsung’s Z Flip devices.

It’s also expected that the upcoming Razr handset will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inside, although at the moment it’s not specified which chip Motorola will use. Lastly, the leak also points to a launch date within the first half of 2024, although again this has yet to be confirmed.

Source: MSPoweruser

Leaked Image Showcases Upcoming Moto Razr Model – Phandroid

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