The Meta Project Aria glasses concept.

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What you need to know

  • Meta is expected to reveal its “Orion” prototype of augmented reality glasses at Connect 2024.
  • The glasses have been in development for nearly a decade, but are still likely years away from a public release.
  • Still, Meta may demo the AR glasses prototype at Connect 2024, a developer conference often held in October. 

Meta might be looking to capitalize on the buzz around mixed-reality wearables of late. The company is expected to unveil and demo its first pair of true augmented reality (AR) glasses, known as “Orion,” at its Connect 2024 conference later this year. Despite the internal ambitions to show off Orion in the fall, a consumer pair of AR glasses is likely years away from public release.

The company’s plans to reveal a pair of AR glasses at Connect 2024 were reported by Business Insider. The publication spoke to two people familiar with the matter, and their identities were reportedly confirmed. The report adds that there is “internal pressure to ensure a high level of performance” when the AR glasses are debuted at Connect 2024 (via RoadToVR). 

The prototype Orion glasses have been worked on for nine years and aren’t likely to be released until 2027 at the earliest. However, Meta hasn’t been shy about revealing bits and pieces of its mixed-reality plans. Project Aria, a pair of AR glasses that have been tested in real-world environments since 2020, is a great example of this. The testing done as part of Project Aria likely contributes to Meta’s other projects, such as the Orion glasses.

Connect 2024, usually held in October, would make sense as a place to showcase the Orion concept. It’s a developer conference that Meta frequently uses to demo its new technologies and products. In fact, the company announced its latest virtual reality headset — the Meta Quest 3 — at last year’s Connect event. 

The front of the Meta Quest 3 headset with a BoboVR M3 Pro head strap installed

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

While plenty of virtual reality headsets and smart glasses have been released in recent years, there are very few true AR offerings available. Aside from the Quest 3, Meta also has the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses in its wearable portfolio. The company’s project Orion will be a blend of those two products, with computing power in the form factor of a pair of glasses. 

If this report is accurate, we’ll learn more about Meta’s AR glasses plans at Connect 2024 later this year.

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