Published Feb 7th, 2024 4:24PM EST

Microsoft Copilot on mobile

YOU. Microsoft wants you to take over the world with AI. That’s the one word that makes this all veer slightly away from being an ad for the next Terminator movie. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic…but so is this Super Bowl ad, Microsoft.

Today, Microsoft revealed that it will be running an ad during the Super Bowl that calls on everyone on Earth to take it over with the power of the company’s Copilot artificial intelligence assistant. Whether you’re trying to start a business, build the next viral app, or write the next smash hit at the box office, the company wants you to use Copilot to help you do it.

The video is a little over the top, but it does demonstrate the different things that you can use the company’s AI chat assistant for — as long as it gives you an accurate answer, of course. You can check out the ad on YouTube below:

With Microsoft Copilot and the power of AI, ideas become action, the impossible becomes possible, and hopes become reality. Copilot is available to anyone, anywhere, on any device.



The ad is the company’s big announcement to the world after it decided to rebrand its AI chat assistant from Bing Chat to Copilot. The app also shows people using Copilot on an iPhone instead of a Windows computer. In an interview with The Verge, Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, said “that’s a pretty big thing from a company that historically, at least with individuals, has been heavy with the PC.”


Mehdi also said that, while Bing Chat may have gotten things rolling, “we really got behind a single brand called Copilot, so we cleaned up all these other things and we renamed Bing Chat…So we have one brand, one experience.” Poor Bing. Even when it got a chance at a comeback it got put back on the sidelines. That brand is truly doomed.

The executive says that Microsoft plans to launch many versions of the assistant over time and hook it into other software and services and that “we want to get to where there’s a single Copilot for every individual.”

“Over time I think you’ll see us continue to add more and more of those things. So the notion of a personal Copilot that is yours, we want to get to one idea, and we want that to unlock everything you’ve got with your IDs, with your personal IDs and work IDs. Where we go from there we’ll see. There are a lot of extensions that are coming to Copilot, whether those are GPTs or plug-ins, or the ability to do custom Copilots themselves.”

Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad wants you to take over the world with its Copilot AI

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Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad wants you to take over the world with its Copilot AI

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