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The interesting thing about emerging technologies is that they tend to cross paths in all kinds of fascinating ways. For example, what would you get if you crossed the burgeoning trend of wearable augmented reality technology with the pursuit of the perfect AI-powered daily assistant? Well, you would probably get something not unlike tech company OPPO’s latest offering among the fascinating developments at the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona: the Air Glass 3.

The OPPO Air Glass 3 smart glasses — the newest iteration of the device first conceptualized in 2021 — was showcased at the MWC event in its prototype stages. The glasses feature the latest advancements in comfortable AR displays, utilizing a pair of full-color displays with brightness of over 1,000 nits, housed within a pair of surprisingly light glasses. 

The intent is to provide all of the functions and conveniences of a pair of AR-powered glasses without weighing your ears and nose down with heavy, complicated hardware. This kind of convenient personal hardware has earned the OPPO Air Glass 3 an innovation award from us here at SlashGear.

Functionality and connectivity

The Air Glass 3 smart glasses are designed to sync up with your smartphone running the special Air Glass app. With the help of this app’s functions and your phone’s processing power, wearers can access the Air Glass’ features by simply tapping on the temple. This, in turn, activates the Air Glass app’s built-in AI assistant — powered by OPPO’s proprietary AndesGPT algorithm — allowing you to vocally request help or issues commands.

Through the glasses’ displays, assistant, and controls, you can seamlessly control music and phone call playback, display relevant information to your routine like schedules and text alerts, and even scroll through full-color images (made transparent so as not to distract you, of course). 

Don’t worry about strangers listening in on your tunes or chats, either. The glasses utilize reverse sound field technology — alongside other audible perks like a set of four discrete microphones — to both isolate your audio from outside listeners, and provide the highest possible sound quality.

As the device is still in a prototype phase, OPPO has not yet provided a potential window for a commercial launch.

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