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  • Verizon has announced Second Number, which will let customers add a second number to their phones.
  • The service is available to all Verizon postpaid customers with a dual-SIM device.
  • Second Number is available for $10 per month (plus fees) until June 5, and available for $15 per month (plus fees) if you sign up after June 5.

While it’s not the case for everyone, a fair number of people rely on a second phone number. The reasons can range anywhere from keeping work and personal life separate to having a number to replace a landline. Although this often leads to needing a second phone, Verizon is introducing a plan to keep your phone numbers on a single device.

Today, Verizon announced it is introducing a plan called Second Number. This new plan will let customers add a second phone number to their phone.

With Second Number, Verizon says its customers will be able to swap between numbers for phone and messaging apps. When you receive a call or text message, you’ll be told which line is receiving the call or message. And when you respond, the response will be sent from the line that received the call or message.

This service is available to all Verizon postpaid customers starting today. However, you’ll need to have a dual-SIM device to take advantage of the plan. The carrier adds that your second number will be transferred over whenever you choose to upgrade your phone.

If Second Number sounds useful, Verizon is running a limited-time deal for early enrollees that will give you the plan for $10 per month (plus fees). After June 5, however, the price will increase to $15 per month (plus fees) for new sign-ups.

It’s necessary to note that unlocked phones can add a second number on a single device from any network via eSIM or a prepaid plan. But Verizon’s solution is helpful if you have a Verizon-locked phone or you just want the convenience of a single bill.

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