Nothing Play Date Possible Ear 3 launch


  • Nothing has begun teasing the launch of its next product.
  • This could be the Nothing Ear 3, though some cryptic teasers indicate that another product could be on the cards.
  • Nothing will share more details on April 18, 2024.

Riding on the wave of success from the Nothing Phone 2 and the Nothing Phone 2a, Nothing appears to be gearing up for the launch of its next product. In a tweet, the company is asking readers to watch out for its next Community update. The date mentioned is April 18, 2024, though it isn’t immediately clear if this is for the community update or for a presumed launch.

2024 04 03 17 12 09

Nothing has used the Beetle before to denote the Nothing Ear 2, so the Frog could indicate the launch of the Nothing Ear 3.

2024 04 03 17 14 49

In this teaser, the question mark emoji gives way to a Frog emoji and another bug emoji, though we’ve been seeing teasers that largely align with just the Frog. The emojis denote the various Nothing products so far, namely the Ear 1, Phone 1, Ear Stick, Ear 2, Phone 2, and Phone 2a, in this order.

The product codename for this upcoming “Frog” product could be “Cleffa,” according to another teaser that the company had posted.

2024 04 03 17 16 29

Nothing’s Community Manager Rob Godwin also recently posted about Cleffa, alongside other Pokemon. All the Pokemon pictured have been codenames for Nothing products, while the animals/insects/birds have been part of the official marketing material.

2024 04 03 17 18 34

A mystic post from leaker Arsene Lupin did not make a lot of sense when it was posted, but it can potentially shed light on what Nothing is about to launch. Arsene Lupin has previously leaked a bunch of Nothing products, amongst other tech products.

2024 04 03 17 24 52

If we are allowed to read too much into this cryptic leak post, the emoji post, and join all the dots so far, Nothing could be launching the Nothing Ear 3 and the Nothing a. We don’t know what this second product would be, as it could be a lower variant of any existing lineup, or it could be a new product segment.

There is a chance that we could see more phones from the company. However, with the Phone 2 having been released in July 2023 and the Phone 2a having been released in March 2024, the timing is not right for the company to aggressively expand and launch successors or even a new phone lineup. So our money would be on new accessories or services for these upcoming products.

We’ll have to wait to learn more about Nothing’s plan. Hopefully, the company will share more soon. What do you think Nothing is going to launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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