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Releasing new colorways of existing devices is the best way to drum up more PR around them without needing to do something drastic. The Nothing Phone (2a) was released a few months ago and Nothing has decided to bring it back to the spotlight with a new Special Edition model.

I have to say though. This model is one of the most unique phones we’ve ever seen from the brand, and that’s saying something considering its entire thing is sticking out. One thing you’ll certainly notice is that it’s a lot more colorful than any other Nothing device.

The Nothing Phone (2a) Special Edition Model Brings In The Primary Colors To Spice Things Up

Nothing Phone (2a) Special Edition Has More Color Than Ever 4
Image: Nothing

Nothing is a company that is well known for an unspoken adherence to the neutral colors that are available in our world. You’ll see various shades of black, white, and grey on the company’s devices. It was rather noteworthy that the Nothing Phone (2a) came with a tiny red square on the back and that the Nothing Ear (a) is available in a very bold yellow color. There was a blue Phone (2a) launched in India too.

However, today, the company has launched its most colorful device yet, at least in terms of the number of different colors that it brings to the table. Nothing chose to add the three primary colors to the Special Edition model of the Phone (2a), so in addition to a white and grey back panel, you get red, yellow, and blue scattered at various points. In fact, what was previously a red square on the other Phone (2a) colorways is now yellow.

Nothing Phone (2a) Special Edition Has More Color Than Ever 5
Image: Nothing

I have to say though; putting red, yellow, and blue on a smartphone seemed like a surefire way to have it looking like a kindergartener’s toy, but Nothing puts in the colors in very minimal amounts, so it ends up tasteful, like some kind of modern painting. Surprisingly, it works.

This is the first Nothing product to use all three primary colors, as red, yellow, and blue have been used before, but not all at once. It seems like Nothing is really embracing colors, which is a good thing, especially because we have enough faith in them to do things in a visually appealing way.

This Special Edition Device Is Also Limited Edition And Is Available Today

Nothing Phone (2a) Special Edition Has More Color Than Ever 6
Image: Nothing

Do you like what you see? Well, you can get the Nothing Phone (2a) Special Edition starting from today, which is great. You’ll only be able to get it in a 12GB/256GB storage configuration and it will set you back £349 (~$440). You can get it only on Nothing’s official website, but you need to know that the phone is also a limited edition model too, so it won’t be available forever.

Of course, none of the specs of the device change beyond how it looks, so if you’ve been considering getting your hands on Nothing’s budget smartphone, then there’s no better time to do it than now, especially if you really want to stand out.

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