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Nothing is a very design-forward company, though they still pay a lot of attention to the hardware that they install in their devices. However, CMF, Nothing’s sub-brand, might arguably be even more design-conscious than its parent company.

At the moment, CMF doesn’t have much to its name beyond some earbuds, a smartwatch, and a charging brick (though all of them look pretty darn nice). However, it is believed that this company might be set to debut its first smartphone sometime soon.

CMF By Nothing Looks Set To Release Something In The Smartphone Space

Nothing Sub-Brand CMF Might Have Its First Smartphone Coming 4
Image: CMF by Nothing

As a Nothing sub-brand, CMF seems to target a lower price point but tries to maintain an aesthetic for its products that is definitely going to stand out. They’ve stuck mostly to audio products as of now, though they’ve released a single smartwatch and a 65W charger. However, if a certain report is accurate, it looks like CMF by Nothing might be preparing to release its first smartphone.

This is based on a report from Android Headlines where a device, codenamed Tetris, was seen in a database with the model number A015. Now, normally, the easy assumption to make would be that this refers to the Nothing Phone (3), which is expected to arrive this year, but the model number deviates heavily from A063 and A065 for the Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing Phone (2) respectively.

Nothing Sub-Brand CMF Might Have Its First Smartphone Coming 5
Image: Nothing

However, another report from 91Mobiles spotted the exact same model number in the BIS certification database, which is for phones intended to be released in India. Here, the brand is listed not as “Nothing”, but as “CMF by Nothing”. For a certification database, mistakes are extremely unlikely, so I’d personally take this as near confirmation that the A015 is truly a smartphone from Nothing’s sub-brand.

Based On CMF’s Brand Identity, What Can We Expect?

Nothing Sub-Brand CMF Might Have Its First Smartphone Coming 6
Image: CMF by Nothing

This is going to be pure conjecture on my part, so don’t take anything I muse here as absolute truth. Nothing is not a budget brand — though the Nothing Phone (2a) is the company’s cheapest option. CMF generally offers accessories that are cheaper than what Nothing offers in the same categories, so the first thing I’d expect from the company is a phone with a very attractive and low price. There’s no point for CMF to attempt to make a better phone than Nothing, especially considering they don’t have the same star power.

At the same time, CMF might not be as daring as Nothing when it comes to design, but there is still a lot of attention paid to that department, though in a more minimalistic fashion. You can expect a device that’s going to look good and will likely have a rather muted, but stylish, aesthetic.

Finally, in the specs department, it is really hard to predict what CMF by Nothing will bring to the table. Overall, based on what Nothing did with the Phone (2a), I’d expect CMF to make a phone that makes sensible compromises for a lower price. It might be one of the better options in its price range, but for now, all that’s guesswork. We’ll keep our ear to the ground for anything new on the phone.

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