Nothing teases the phone it will release this year, ‘CMF Phone 1,’ which has a physical dial

After debuting with headphones and other accessories last year, Nothing’s sub-brand “CMF” is preparing to launch its first phone.

In a post on Twitter/X, Nothing confirmed that it will launch “CMF Phone 1” soon. There’s no set release date, but rumors about the device have been floating around for a few months now.

In the post, there’s a teaser image of the device that shows a faux leather design, CMF’s signature bright orange color, and a physical dial of some sort. There’s no word on what that dial may do, but Nothing says the device as a whole will be “wonderful by design.”

More than likely, given CMF’s focus, this will be a mid-range smartphone at best, probably based on Phone (2a).

Introducing CMF Phone 1. Wonderful by design.

Leveraging @nothing‘s innovation and meticulous attention to design, it serves as a wonderful entry point to our entire product ecosystem.

As others overlook this category, we’re giving it our full attention.

Coming soon.

— CMF by Nothing (@cmfbynothing) June 6, 2024

This comes just a day after Nothing confirmed that its next device, Phone (3), will not be releasing until 2025. While the company didn’t offer much insight into why the hardware would be delayed, it teased new AI software features that are being developed for the new device.

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