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What you need to know

  • OnePlus might be gearing up to release a new foldable phone that could rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, boasting a zoom lens and macro camera.
  • A leaker says camera upgrades expected in OPPO’s upcoming foldable may carry over to OnePlus, hinting at a similar model with a telephoto camera.
  • While flip phones excel in portability, their camera capabilities are usually lacking, but the rumored inclusion of a telephoto lens in the OnePlus Flip could change the game.

OnePlus already has a book-style foldable phone, but a new rumor says its next one might be a Galaxy Z Flip contender, and this one could even have a zoom lens, which is rare for foldable phones.

A leaker who goes by the handle Smart Pikachu on Weibo says that OnePlus might drop a second foldable phone this year. But it will supposedly be different from the OnePlus Open and will instead flip open like Motorola’s Razr models and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip line. The tipster adds that it will pack a telephoto and macro rear camera (via Android Authority).

Foldables are seriously turning heads in the smartphone world these days, even though there aren’t heaps to pick from just yet. It’s no wonder every phone maker wants a piece of the action.

Flip phones fold in half for ultimate portability, unlike those giant slabs everyone else uses. Plus, they are usually more affordable than book-style foldables, putting them right up there with other top Android phones in terms of price.

But their cameras often leave something to be desired. Usually, they’re rocking a dual-camera setup, but the telephoto lens is often the one that’s missing. However, if this rumor about the OnePlus Flip is true, it could be a game-changer for flip phones by bringing a telephoto lens to the game.

The tipster is hinting that these camera upgrades will debut on OPPO’s upcoming compact foldable, and it’s likely they’ll trickle down to a similar OnePlus model, maybe with a slight tweak or rebranding.

Even though it’s not official yet, it’s not exactly a wild guess. The OnePlus Open was basically a twin of the OPPO Find N3. If OnePlus rolls out a flip phone resembling the Find N3 Flip, it wouldn’t be a shocker.

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Plus, having a flip phone with a telephoto camera would be pretty unique since hardly any flip foldables offer this feature right now. In fact, the only one you can actually buy right now with a telephoto camera is the Find N3 Flip. So, if this rumor is accurate, the OnePlus Flip could be a real standout.

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