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AI has been the main discussion around 2024 smartphones thus far, and while the OnePlus 12 launched without much of that, it seems that will change soon.

It seems that AI is at every turn nowadays. For both the Google Pixel 8 series and the Galaxy S24 series, AI has been a key selling point. But that wasn’t the case with the OnePlus 12, which really just boils down to being a good value for the hardware you’re getting.

Now, though, it seems OnePlus is bringing AI features to its devices.

In China, the OnePlus 11 is currently getting a ColorOS update on top of Android 14 that brings new AI features. The update was spotted by a user on Reddit, but the same update is also rolling out to the OnePlus 12.

These new AI features include:

  • AI Summarizer
  • AI GC Remover
  • Article summaries

The first of the new features, “AI Summarizer,” is perhaps the most interesting, witht he ability to generate a summary of a phone call and pull key information such as times, places, and “action items” from the call. “AI GC Remover,” meanwhile, appears to use generative AI to make more advanced photo edits, much like Google’s Magic Editor. Another feature would create summaries of an article you’re reading.

Beyond that, “Breeno Touch” is also getting the ability to recognize content on screen and pull up relevant information, which sounds similar to Google’s new Circle to Search feature.

There are a lot of details we don’t know yet about these features, but they arrive about a month after Oppo announced a new “AI Center.” We also don’t know whether or not Oppo and OnePlus will make these features available outside of China, but they’re certainly interesting.

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OnePlus starts rolling out new AI features including one that summarizes phone calls

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