Fast-charging phones are coming, and it seems to be happening fast. A couple of months ago we reported on Redmi working on 300W charging, and now yet another company is joining the bandwagon, Realme.

Francis Wong, Realme’s Head of Marketing for Realme Global, has confirmed that the company is now testing 300W charging during an interview with YouTuber @Thetechchap. It’s not actually that surprising, given the fact that Realme is usually at the front when it comes to charging tech.

Xiaomi and Redmi have already demoed their 300W charging, and Redmi’s solution managed to fully charge a phone in under five minutes.

By the way, Realme is already offering 240W charging, which is ultra-fast on its own, and is supported by the company’s GT Neo 5 smartphone. This phone can charge for under 10 minutes fully, something really impressive.

So far, Redmi doesn’t have a phone that supports the tech, so it’s possible that Realme will beat its rival and release a phone that supports 300W charging first. The tech could make it probably inside the Realme GT Neo 6, although Wong didn’t give details on that.

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