OLED displays are some of the sharpest and best looking. While we’ve had OLED panels on our TVs and phones, they’re also starting to appear more often on gaming monitors. There’s just one big problem: OLED panels have terrible burn-in issues. Thankfully, new research could help reduce OLED burn-in and maybe even make it a thing of the past.

This new research is highlighted in the journal Nature and was headed by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The researchers say that the solution they have come up with could remove burn-in issues from OLED panels for good. The trick? Providing better control for the blue light-emitted diodes within the panel.

Based on all of the research that the paper highlights, the best way to reduce OLED burn-in and perhaps remove it altogether is to attack it at the source. That source, then, is the blue light-emitting diodes that are found within OLED panels. Burn-in is a result of unstable and inefficient light from the blue-light-emitting diodes of the OLED display, and if we provide a better way to control them, it will cut down on burn-in, the researchers claim.

Beyond just removing burn-in from the equation, the researchers also believe the new method of encapsulating the light emitters in insulating alkylene straps could also help make the manufacturing process for OLEDs more efficient and thus simplify the reaction of these panels. With Apple reportedly working on an iPad Pro OLED, the display tech is going to see a lot more adoption, too.


Of course, this research and the methods of reducing OLED burn-in are still under heavy scrutiny, and it isn’t likely we’ll see anything of the sort making its way to consumer products anytime soon. But that doesn’t change how exciting this discovery is or how much it might revolutionize the display industry going forward.

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