Sonos logo on a Sonos speaker
Sonos Ace headphones are around the corner.
Photo: Jako Janse van Rensburg/Unsplash

Sonos’ first headphones and its AirPods Max competitor, the upcoming Sonos Ace, have leaked online. The slip-up revealed the headphones’ design and the array of buttons on both earcups.

Like other Sonos products, the Ace also appears to have a premium design, which should help it stand out.

Meet the Sonos Ace

Schuurman, an authorized Sonos parts dealer, inadvertently leaked the images, which The Verge first spotted. From the renders, it appears the Ace will have a toggle switch to switch between different listening modes. The right earcup has physical buttons for volume controls and a small LED for connectivity and battery status.

Sonos Ace headphones leak
This is how Sonos’ first headphones could look like
Photo: Schuurman/The Verge

Another image shows the in-box content, which will include a (usable) carrying case, a USB-C cable, and a USB-C to 3.5mm cable. This suggests the headphones will charge over USB-C and can play music over a wired connection.

Apparently, the Ace will integrate with other Sonos products, seemingly allowing you to listen to TV audio directly on the headphones.

Sonos Ace headphones leak
Sonos Ace could ship with a usable carrying case.
Photo: Schuurman/The Verge

The now-removed listing carried a price tag of €403.58, roughly translating into the Sonos Ace costing $450 in the US. Premium headphones from Sony and Bose are also priced in the same range, with the AirPods Max costing $549. If Sonos can trump the latter with sound quality, the company should have a winner on its hands.

Sonos headphones can give the AirPods Max tough competition

Sonos products stand out for their sound quality and ease of use. The company’s first pair of wireless cans should also excel in this area. They should give the AirPods Max tough competition, especially since Apple’s offering is showing its age now.

The retail leak suggests Sonos is making the final preparations for the Ace launch. So, expect the AirPods Max competitor to launch in the next few weeks.

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