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Spotify is putting lyrics behind a paywall – Phandroid

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Unlike some other music streaming services, Spotify has a free tier that is ad-supported. This means that if you don’t want to pay for Spotify Premium, you don’t have to. You won’t get access to all the features, but you’ll be able to listen to music for free. Unfortunately, Spotify is making it really hard for free users by putting lyrics behind a paywall.

According to user reports on Reddit, it seems that some free Spotify users are finding out that they can no longer access lyrics to their songs. Spotify is now showing a message that suggests that users will need to have a Premium subscription in order to access the feature. Users can always rely on third-party apps or websites, but it’s not the same.

This is because lyrics on Spotify sync with the song, kind of like karaoke, making it kind of fun. Now, the somewhat good news is that Spotify isn’t completely heartless. Similar to song skips, it seems that Spotify will implement some kind of limitation system for lyrics, so if you exceed that, it should eventually reset after a set period of time.

It’s annoying, we know, but that’s how it’s going to be. As Android Police notes, Spotify has partnered with MusixMatch for lyrics. Perhaps the company is no longer willing to absorb the costs associated with this partnership. Either way, if you’re tired of these limitations, maybe a subscription to Spotify Premium could be the way to go.

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