Oftentimes, transparency and major corporations don’t quite go together. “What the consumer doesn’t know won’t hurt them, (or our bottom line!)“. However, the FCC has been cracking down on major wireless providers for this, and one of them has made the proper changes. T-Mobile is now more transparent, and it’s offering more details about its plans upfront to customers.

If customers knew just how many fees were being taken from their wallets each month, many of them would rather send smoke signals than get a phone. Ironically, companies actually use this as a marketing ploy. They usually advertise their brands as offering no hidden fees to customers as opposed to other companies. However, the average user is still inundated with hidden fees that they did not bargain for.

T-Mobile is more transparent with its plans

Right now, there are four major carriers in the US, and these are T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Dish. However, Dish is still a baby at this point, so we mostly acknowledge the other three. The FCC is pushing these companies to be more transparent about their network speeds, latency, fees, Etc. Right now, it appears that T-Mobile is the only company doing this.

The company has started showing more information about its services upfront. It shows the information specific to each plan that you get. For example, if you opt for the $95/month Go5G Plus plan, you can expect download speeds between 89 – 418Mbps. You can also expect upload speeds between 6 and 31Mbps with a latency between 17 and 32ms.

If you plan to save some money and go to the Essentials Saver plan, you can expect download speeds of 79 – 357Mbps, upload speeds between 6 – 30Mbps, and a typical latency of 17 -32 ms.

T-Mobile will also be more transparent about the types of fees you have to pay for your service. This is probably more important than the speeds. Many people don’t sweat over how fast they can download Genshin Impact over 5G. They mostly sweat about how much it’s going to cost them each month to do so.

This is fortunate, because, when signing up for a plan, users are usually hit with fees either right when they sign up, or at some time afterward. However, they are already locked in and have to pay the bloated price.

So, this could be seen as a major step forward for consumers who are tired of hidden fees and a lack of transparency.

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