TCL’s 2024 Google TV lineup launches today

After announcing its 2024 lineup earlier this year, TCL is preparing to launch its new collection of Google TV sets with Mini-LED and more.

The 2024 lineup of TCL TV sets includes, at the top end, the QM8 Mini-LED TV. This TV, which ranges from 65-inches to 115-inches, touts that its screen is incredibly bright at a whopping 5,000 nits for HDR. It’s already rare to see TVs pass 3,000 nits, so to hit 5,000 nits is truly crazy.

TCL also touts thousands of dimming zones for an OLED-like experience on the Mini-LED panel.

Pricing for the TCL QM8 class starts at $1,999 for a 65-inch set.

A big part of the QM8 and all of TCL’s 2024 lineup is the new “FullView 360” design which has thin bezels (especially on the high-end models) and a better design for the back of the set.

TCL’s 2024 Google TV lineup launches today

Beyond that, there’s also the TCL QM7. This class includes more affordable Mini-LED models with fewer dimming zones and brightness that peaks at 2,400 nits. It’s still a high-end TV by any measurement, but mainly aims to bring the best of the QM8 to a much more affordable price point. QM7 class sets will start at $1,099 for a 55-inch TV.

Rounding out the Q Class will be Q65 and Q68 options. These start at $499 and $699, respectively, with QLED displays for better colors and brightness. Sizes range from 43-inches to 98-inches.

And, finally, there’s also the new collection of TCL S Class televisions, the company’s most affordable options. S2 and S3 sets will include 720p and 1080p options, while the S4 Class becomes S5 with brighter screens, “Game Accelerator 120,” and more. That series of TVs will start at $349.

Many of TCL’s 2024 TVs are already for sale at Best Buy as well as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

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