The Apple Vision Pro is probably one of the most talked-about gadgets of 2024 so far. It is expensive but based on the reviews, Apple has delivered what they promised. It is a far cry from becoming mainstream, but it looks like Tecno is getting into the game as well. At MWC 2024, Tecno has unveiled their own take with the AR Pocket Vision.

The Tecno AR Pocket Vision is a combo device. It is meant to be paired with the Pocket Go. The Pocket Vision itself is a pair of augmented reality glasses. It features a six-axis gyroscope and an algorithm powered by AI that helps determine head movements. There is also a 0.71-inch micro OLED screen that apparently matches the angle of a 215-inch TV when viewed six meters away.

Tecno takes on the Apple Vision Pro with the AR Pocket Vision – Phandroid

It also paired with the Pocket Go, a handheld Windows-powered device. When paired with the Tecno Smart Box, it basically transforms the entire setup in a computer system. In a way it’s similar to Apple’s approach with the Vision Pro, except that the Vision Pro can be used standalone without pairing it with a phone or computer.

It’s actually a very interesting concept but unfortunately, Tecno stopped short of mentioning how much it would cost or when it would become available.

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