Tesla’s newest avante-garde, stainless steel bedazzled, angular vehicle — the Cybertruck — is experiencing delivery displays (yet again). According to forum posts and X (formerly Twitter) threads, corroborated by CarBuzz, Cybertruck deliveries are delayed upwards of a week due to what is reportedly issues in production that lead to a recall. 

As unfortunate as that is to Cybertruck hopefuls, it’s not that out of the ordinary for EV makers to delay delivery. Ford, an automaker that has drawn considerably less ire than Tesla, has had issues getting the F-150 Lightning to full production practically since launch. Ford, however, would release an official statement, instead of relying on social media posts to divulge information like Tesla tends to do. Tesla’s official press website is silent on the issue as of yet.

The reported issue with the Cybertruck is very on-brand for Tesla. According to a post on a Cybertruck forum, the delays can be blamed on the Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal. Several other users on the same forum post are stating that they’ve also received messages from Tesla representatives informing them of the delay. 

Yet another Cybertruck delay

The story of the Cybertruck, from concept to actual delivery, is a very long one full of many twists and turns, so production delays aren’t that surprising. However, issues with the accelerator pedal aren’t something you necessarily want as, next to the brake pedal, it’s fairly important. Tesla has not officially said what the specific issue is, but any issues with an accelerator are not something you want to leave to chance and hope it resolves itself.

As Tesla is typically tight-lipped when it comes to releasing specific production and delivery details, Cybertruck buyers will likely be notified individually when the issue is resolved and they can finally take delivery of the truck. For everyone else, Tesla’s ordering website still lists “available in 2025” for Cybertruck delivery dates.

 The Cybertruck and all of its wacky features has generated news headlines for years, and even as the truck is hitting the road, it doesn’t look like that phenomena will end anytime soon.

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