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Foldables are the most exciting segment in smartphones right now (though there aren’t too many to choose from anyway), so it’s not a shock that everyone is getting into them. Even a company like OnePlus has already released a book-style foldable and looks set to release a clamshell one soon.

In fact, with a recent leak, it looks like OnePlus’ flip foldable might come with a certain camera feature that design constraints make rare in our modern flip phones, and that’s a telephoto camera.

A Chinese Leaker Hints At OnePlus’ First Flip Foldable Coming With A Telephoto Camera

The First OnePlus Flip Foldable Could Have A Telephoto 3
Image: Oppo

OnePlus and Oppo are two very closely related companies, especially as OnePlus eventually got absorbed into Oppo as a proper sub-brand. Oppo is one of the few companies with a clamshell and book-style foldable in its portfolio.

According to a leaker on Weibo called Smart Pikachu, it seems that Oppo and OnePlus both seem to have foldable smartphones in the works that will each come with telephoto lenses that will also double as macro-capable units. This is all based on text that was clunkily translated from Mandarin, but it seems to be clear enough for the most part. This would be a rarity, as of the limited clamshell foldables in the market, the only one that comes with a telephoto sensor (2x optical zoom) is the Oppo Find N3 Flip.

The First OnePlus Flip Foldable Could Have A Telephoto 4
Image: Oppo

When the time comes, what is likely to happen is that Oppo will release a new iteration to their Find N Flip series — the Find N3 Flip came out in September last year — and a OnePlus flip model based on that design might come a little while after. You might have noticed that the OnePlus Open, the company’s only foldable at the moment, is based on the design of the Oppo Find N3.

This should hopefully prove to be a good move for OnePlus, as flip foldables are the more affordable option for most people, as well as the more fashion-forward option when it comes to foldables.

Why Go For A Flip Foldable Over A Book-Style Foldable?

The First OnePlus Flip Foldable Could Have A Telephoto 5
Image: OnePlus

For most brands in the mobile space, it kind of seems like they see book-style foldables as the real prize, and that’s not too hard to understand. They’re better suited for packing in flagship specs and those numbers sell on paper. However, one number that doesn’t sell as well is the price, and that’s the major reason why some people stay away from devices like the OnePlus Open and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

However, with price as a major push towards getting a clamshell foldable, what other perks are there? Well, good question, and I think the first reason why anyone should aim for a clamshell foldable is when the extra screen area that comes with a big foldable simply isn’t needed. If you don’t watch videos, read, or that much, and you also have no productivity needs, the extra cost of a book-style foldable might not be worth it.

A flip foldable is certainly the classier option (I’d personally say that they catch the eye a lot better) and if you need a device that can fit easily into the smallest of pockets or purses, then this kind of phone will certainly do a better job. Of course, you need to be okay with less power most of the time, but as long as that’s fine by you, I’d recommend taking a good look at these clamshell devices.

Through Tecno, Gionee, Vivo, Google, and now Samsung, Ayomide has always been an Android enthusiast. His current partner in crime is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can find him playing Candy Crush or Call of Duty: Mobile, watching movies, and he is a big fan of trivia and quizzes.

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