After smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi made its venture into the world of cars with the Xiaomi SU7, EV maker Polestar is now venturing into the world of smartphones.

The company has been working on its Polestar Phone for quite a while. Back in September last year, Polestar announced the phone and we expected it to launch in December. Now the company has finally informed through its official Weibo account (a Chinese microblogging site) that it will unveil the Polestar Phone on April 23.

A collaboration between Polestar & smartphone maker Meizu

For those unfamiliar, Polestar is an electric vehicle brand under Chinese automotive giant Geely, which also owns smartphone maker Meizu. The Polestar global design team in Gothenburg, Sweden has partnered with the Meizu design team to design the first Polestar Phone.

Polestar previously showed off the phone in a short video showcasing its thin uniform bezels, flat design, and separately protruding camera modules on the back. Now the company has shared more images revealing the design and appearance of the phone.

The Polestar Phone comes with four cameras on the back with separately protruding camera modules, just like the Meizu 20 Pro and Meizu 20 Infinity. Speaking of the front, this phone equips a 2K+ display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and 2.2mm thin uniform bezels on all four sides. It offers a screen-to-body ratio of up to 91.5%. This is also very similar to the recent Meizu flagships. The middle frame of the mobile phone, made of NP66 aerospace-grade aluminum, provides reasonably good drop resistance.

Although the basic design of the phone is still very similar to last year’s flagship Meizu 20 Pro, there are certain changes in different aspects of the Polestar Phone.

Design elements that make the Polestar Phone stand out

The back glass cones with a different finish. The center and bottom are etched and silk-screened respectively. The etched portion of the back cover is polished with “soft sand crystal sparkle technology” which reportedly emits a distinctive reflection under sunlight. The soft finish and the unique reflection could make it stand out from the Meizu flagships.

Additionally, the company has electroplated the SIM card ejector tool with Swedish gold. One of the camera modules on the back also comes with a golden finish. This phone phone will reportedly launch with the Google Play support.

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