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When it comes to book-style foldables, the Honor Magic V2 is one model that has a great reputation. Its sleek design and lightweight chassis are one reason, but despite its compact build, it still manages to bring high-end specs to the table.

It’s unsurprising then that foldable lovers are excited about Honor’s foray into the side of the foldables that they’ve never been to, and that’s clamshells. The Honor Magic Flip is expected to launch this year, and a recent leak shows us an image of the cover screen casing and gives us a little more info on the device.

Honor’s Magic Flip Clamshell Foldable Might Have An Edge-To-Edge Cover Display

The Honor Magic Flip Is Expected To Have A Big Cover Display 4
Image: Mr. Guan on Weibo

Honor’s first attempt at a clamshell foldable, which we’ve gotten used to calling the Honor Magic Flip, is expected to launch at some point in 2024. The Honor Magic V2 was a major hit of a foldable, so you’ll have to forgive us for being excited to see what the Chinese manufacturer is planning to do in the clamshell department where Samsung and Motorola thrive.

We’ve got an idea of what the cover half of the foldable is expected to look like thanks to a leak from Digital Chat Station on Weibo. This leak shows off what seems to be a cover segment case for the Honor Magic Flip, and the fact that the case only seems to protect the sides allows us to deduce that it is most likely going to be a pretty large cover display.

The Honor Magic Flip Is Expected To Have A Big Cover Display 5
Image: Digital Chat Station on Weibo

This aligns with the earlier leaked render of the device that we saw. On top of that, considering the reputation the company has set up with its Honor Magic V2, it isn’t too wild to expect this device to also maintain the thin and light design language with this device. That’d certainly be nice to see, and it’d be much-needed competition in the clamshell foldable space (where companies like Samsung might be prone to getting complacent).

One Source Says That The Honor Magic Flip Will Have The Biggest Clamshell Cover Display

We don’t have too much info on the specifications of Honor’s upcoming foldable (which is a sign that it isn’t likely to launch in the next few months), but according to reporting from The Tech Outlook, it seems that the cover display on the Honor Magic Flip will be the actual largest one in the industry since Honor is “currently procuring the largest external screen”. That certainly aligns with Honor always making a bang wherever they go.

The Honor Magic Flip Is Expected To Have A Big Cover Display 6

Just for reference, that would mean beating out the 3.6-inch cover display that the Razr 40 Ultra has, which is currently the biggest cover display available on any clamshell foldable. It’s also not sure whether the claim of the biggest screen also means that it will beat out the Razr 50 Ultra, which is rumored to be pushing that up to 4.0 inches.

Either way, we’ll find out. The only thing you’ll need is patience, as the leaks are bound to come in at some point before the actual phone launches.

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