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The OnePlus 12 series launched early this year and both phones in the series were pretty great. In fact, some might argue that the OnePlus 12R is the real bargain between the two devices based on pure bang-for-buck power.

Since the OnePlus 12 phones were so great, we’re a bit excited for next year’s OnePlus 13 especially since it might be coming with a facelift too. However, rumors at this point indicate that the next flagship from OnePlus might need to trade charging convenience for more power.

A Larger Battery Might Mean The OnePlus 13 Drops Wireless Charging To Save Space

The OnePlus 13 Rumored To Say Bye-Bye To Wireless Charging 3
Image: OnePlus

One of the biggest mistakes a mobile company can make when it comes to its flagships is to opt for a dated chip when better options are available. We know that OnePlus is almost certainly going to opt for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 for its next flagship series because that’ll be the very best Qualcomm chip they can get.

However, one peculiar thing that we’ve heard about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and reported on is that it is expected to have such intense power demands that manufacturers will need to put in bigger batteries. In line with this, famed tipster Digital Chat Station let us in on some details of the OnePlus 13. Yes, as expected, it’ll come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and a 6,000 mAh cell, laying some credence to the bigger battery claims. It is expected to have 100W wired charging, but entirely drop the 50W AirVOOC charging the OnePlus 12 had.

SuperVOOC Wireless Charging
Image: OnePlus

It seems that a bigger physical battery leaves less space for the necessary wireless charging hardware so OnePlus opted to remove it instead of designing a thicker or heavier phone. I personally like wireless charging and if it was much faster than what I get with my Samsung, I’d likely be using it three times as much. However, I’m not sure if a lack of wireless charging is enough to sway me away from a device.

OnePlus Needs To Stop Downgrading So Often If They Want To Keep A Top Spot

The OnePlus 12 had 50W wireless charging, which is nothing short of awesome and was a big part of the device’s marketing. However, don’t let that make you forget that the OnePlus 11 didn’t have wireless charging, while the OnePlus 10 Pro did. And now, the OnePlus 13 is expected to go back to wireless charging once again.

The OnePlus 13 Rumored To Say Bye-Bye To Wireless Charging 4
Image: Talk Android

Honestly, with most flagship devices, look at Samsung for instance, there are very few downgrades at play. If you get wireless charging on this model, you typically expect the company to keep it going until the end (and if they ever remove a feature, it is likely because it is gone for good). It doesn’t help OnePlus from a consumer perspective to repeatedly push and pull a quality-of-life feature such as wireless charging.

Water resistance is another aspect that the company downgraded. Sure, the OnePlus 12 has IP65 certification while the OnePlus 11 has IP64, but the OnePlus 10 Pro was IP68 certified!

The OnePlus 13 will be a battery king, and that’s nice and all, but I really want to see OnePlus be more consistent with its hardware and avoid taking steps backward.

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