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Xiaomi’s 14 series showed its face to the world late last year with the 14 and the 14 Pro, and both devices are flagship phones by every measure of the word. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra joined the family after the duo, and with the three phones making up the 14 series, it’s very easy to compare them to the S24 family.

However, the one major issue with these phones is that with that much power, they tend to cost a pretty penny. Xiaomi has known this for several years now and released T models that cut a few corners for a more affordable device. Yep, this year’s 14T and 14T Pro are coming, and we’ve got some insight into their specs.

The Xiaomi 14T Series Has Had A Few Important Details About It Leaked

The Xiaomi 14T And 14T Pro Have Had Their Specs Leaked 2
Image: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi 14T and Xiaomi 14T Pro are in the pipeline for the Chinese manufacturer, coming with more moderate specifications and a lower price. We’re not sure exactly when these devices are expected to come or what they’re going to look like, but thanks to the folks at Android Headlines digging into Xiaomi’s HyperOS code, we’ve learned a few things about these upcoming devices.

First off, the Xiaomi 14T is expected to have a global launch and goes by the codename “degas” in the code. To be honest, there wasn’t too much found out about what to expect from this phone though we might be able to predict a lower-end processor than what the 14T Pro will come with.

The Xiaomi 14T And 14T Pro Have Had Their Specs Leaked 3
Image: Peter Holden/Talk Android

So, what is the 14T Pro going to come with then? I’m glad you asked because a lot more was found out about the higher-end model. First off, it may likely share a lot of specs and potentially even a design with the upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra. The 14T Pro is expected to have a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC which is a high-performance chip, though likely less expensive than Qualcomm‘s options.

The 14T Pro should be getting wireless charging and should also have a telephoto camera as one of its shooters, and it may also maintain a Leica collaboration. It is also expected to have a global launch like the 14T.

The 14T Will Undercut The Heavily-Armed Xiaomi 14 Series

The Xiaomi 14T And 14T Pro Have Had Their Specs Leaked 4
Image: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi 14 series has the 14, the 14 Pro, and the 14 Ultra, and I think there are a lot of similarities between this lineup and the S24 series. The smaller two devices have the biggest chasm between them, while the top model just refines the cameras, and build quality, and throws in a few extras for a more premium smartphone.

If you want a compact device (or at least as compact as they get), the Xiaomi 14 will do the job with its 6.36-inch screen. It has the same SoC and the same cameras as the 14 Pro after all, though being smaller, things like the battery and screen resolution suffer a little.

There isn’t too much of a difference between the 14 Pro and the 14 Ultra either, all things considered. You get the same screen, processor, storage options, and cameras for the most part. However, the Ultra model gets an additional sensor and a few tweaks on the existing cameras. Plus, it brings a bigger battery, DisplayPort functionality, and a new design.

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