A new model of the Nothing Phone (2a) may be in development, as a device with the model number A142P has recently received Bureau of Indian Standard certification. The model number is remarkably similar to that of the Phone (2a), which is A142, suggesting that the new device — codenamed “PacManPro — could be a variant of the existing model.

As noted by MySmartPrice, the “Pro” in the codename could indicate that the new phone may feature upgrades and enhancements compared to the standard Phone (2a). However, it is unlikely to simply be a new colorway, as the recently introduced blue variant and Special Edition of the Phone (2a) retains the same model number as the white and black versions.

Nothing Phone 2a variants so far | Credit: Nothing

Speculation has been circulating online about the potential name of this new device, with some proposing it could be called the Nothing Phone (2a) Pro, Nothing Phone (2a) Plus, or Nothing Phone (2a) Improved Version. However, these are just rumors at this point, and Nothing has not yet released any official information about the device.

While the exact specifications and features of the A142P remain unknown, the certification suggests that the phone is nearing its launch. Fans of the Nothing brand and smartphone enthusiasts alike will be eagerly awaiting further details about this potential new addition to the Nothing Phone lineup.

Nothing has gained a reputation for its innovative design and unique approach to technology, so expectations are high for any new products the company releases, even when they are just new color variants of existing products. It will be interesting to see how the A142P differentiates itself from the existing Phone (2a) and whether it lives up to the “Pro” moniker. As more information becomes available, it will shed light on what Nothing has in store for its next smartphone release.

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