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It may shock you to hear this, but Vivo is one of the top five largest smartphone manufacturers globally, by way of sales. In fact, in the last quarter of last year, the company took the fifth spot. That’s certainly no easy feat, and they do it by releasing extremely solid devices year-round.

The Vivo X100 family was released late last year and there’s already news of two more devices — the X100s and X100s Pro — bound to join the family. Thanks to 91mobiles, we now know what to expect of the design of the X100s Pro and the specs it is likely to come packing.

The Vivo X100s Pro Should Have The Same Design And Chipset

This Is What The Vivo X100s Pro Is Going To Look Like 5
Image: Vivo

The Vivo X100 series launched in November 2023 with the X100 and X100 Pro (two very well-specced smartphones). So, it’s a little surprising that there’s what seems to be a mid-cycle refresh in the works for these phones, especially considering that there seems to be little on the spec sheet that can get reasonably better.

Either way, thanks to 91mobiles spotting the device’s Google Play Console, we have an idea of what the phone should look like, as well as a small selection of specifications. First off, let’s talk about the design. The thumbnail included in the Google Play Console seems to be identical to certain official images of the X100 Pro in the Startrail Blue colorway, but this isn’t surprising, as it’s not meant to be a drastically different smartphone.

This Is What The Vivo X100s Pro Is Going To Look Like 6
Image: 91mobiles

It’s got a screen with thin bezels and curved edges on the left and right. The back is most notable for the large circular camera module in the upper part of the panel, with three cameras and the Zeiss logo.

Now that that’s been said, let’s talk about the specifications. From the specs that were available in Google Play Console, the phone looks exactly the same as the original Vivo X100 Pro. It’s got the same Dimensity 9300, runs on Android 14, has a 1260 x 2800 screen, and the registered model has 16GB of RAM, which is available on the regular model.

What Exactly Can We Expect The Vivo X100s Pro To Do Different?

This Is What The Vivo X100s Pro Is Going To Look Like 7
Image: Vivo

Under normal circumstances, “s” models of devices tend to bring a newer chip in after the mainline device has launched, offering a refreshed version for people late to the party. However, the other specs generally tend to remain the same. However, with the X100s Pro, if the Google Play Console is to be believed, even the chipset in the X100s Pro will remain as the Dimensity 9300.

But if you’re going to release an entirely new device, there has to be something that makes it worth it, and we know that the chipset, screen, and design will remain the same. The original X100 series will also be getting 5.5G through an OTA update, so they won’t be left behind on that front either. So what’s going to change?

The phone is pretty high-end in all domains, so the only thing I can reckon is that it may potentially come with refined cameras or perhaps a boost in the wired charging speed. Or maybe there’s a Dimensity 9300 Plus in the works, as there’s a 9200 Plus after all. It all remains to be seen though.

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