Published May 23rd, 2024 6:50AM EDT

Truecaller AI Assistant speaks in your own voice.


If you’ve been using Truecaller on your smartphone to filter out spam calls, you’ll be happy to hear of a handy new feature coming to the app’s AI Assistant. Truecaller partnered with Microsoft to let you clone your voice so the assistant can sound just like you when answering calls.

Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech will handle the voice cloning process. The user only needs to follow a few simple steps in the Truecaller app to provide a sample of their voice. Microsoft will generate an AI version of it, which the AI Assistant will then use when screening calls.


The voice cloning feature builds on the AI Assistant’s current ability to use voice to handle calls. You could already choose a voice from the pre-loaded ones in Truecaller. But using your own voice personalizes the experience.

Since you’d be using Truecaller to screen all incoming calls, having the AI Assistant sound like you might provide a better experience for the people calling you. They’ll hear your familiar voice, though the assistant will make it clear it’s not you talking. You’ll still be able to block spam calls just as before.

Truecaller’s new feature is only possible because Microsoft made Azure AI Speech generally available at Build 2024.


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