Instagram has been testing one of its most controversial features yet: unskippable ads. The new feature, called Ad Breaks, will interrupt the user’s browsing experience for 3-5 seconds before they can continue scrolling the feed.

This function was spotted by Android Authority after several users started complaining about it on social media. Meta’s new take on ads might be a new way to diversify its revenue due to Apple’s privacy features blocking how third-party apps can track users and TikTok’s increasing popularity.

While Instagram is already full of ads, this new feature might make the platform impossible to use. After three people’s Stories, you’ll get up to two ads. The same is true when scrolling through the feed, the Search tab, or even someone’s photos.

In addition, an unwanted and unskippable ad might now block you from seeing your feed for up to five seconds. At this moment, it’s unclear how significant this test is, as we don’t know how many countries or users are affected by this new Ad Breaks feature.


This function is similar to what YouTube does: If you’re not a premium subscriber, you might have to watch countless ads before seeing the video. Even while watching the content, you might be interrupted by a new ad.

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