The Vivo X100 Ultra and Vivo X100s have surfaced online. The two devices are posing side-by-side, not only showing us parts of their designs but also clearing some things up.

We were wondering if the Vivo X100 Ultra will launch as the Vivo X100s Ultra, but that won’t be the case, it seems. Vivo is seemingly planning to launch both of these phones at the same time, but not both of them will have the ‘s’ branding.

The Vivo X100 Ultra is posing right next to its sibling, the Vivo X100s

The Vivo X100 Ultra will be the more powerful smartphone, and it’s on the left in the image provided below. You will notice a different camera layout inside its camera oreo compared to the Vivo X100x.

Vivo X100 Ultra and X100s

The Vivo X100 Ultra’s cameras are lined up in two rows, two by two. The Vivo X100s has a rhombus-like layout across three rows. The cameras included in there are also different, though both smartphones will benefit from Vivo’s ZEISS partnership.

A tipster who shared this image claims that the Vivo X100 Ultra will have a triple camera setup on the back. We’re wondering what that fourth cutout is all about then. In any case, it will include a main camera (1-inch sensor), along with an ultrawide unit, and a periscope telephoto camera.

One will include three cameras on the back, and the other four

The Vivo X100s, on the other hand, is said to include four cameras in the back, including a periscope telephoto camera. Truth be said we did not expect that, so it’s a bit surprising.

It seems like the frame around the Vivo X100s will be flat, which is not something we can say for the ‘Ultra’ model. Both phones will have flat backplates that curve towards the edges. The one on the Vivo X100s will curve on all sides, though.

Camera oreos on the back of both smartphones do protrude quite a bit. The physical buttons sit on the right-hand side of both phones. Both of these devices will become official in May.

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