Following its declaration in a blog post last month, X (formerly Twitter) is once again affirming its status as a video first platform. As proof of this, X CEO Linda Yaccarino shared yesterday some interesting stats on how the platform is growing in the video sharing space.

Four out of every five user sessions on X include video consumption, according to the stats originally provided by the official @XData account. Furthermore, the account reported that the average annual growth rate for video views on X is 35%, and the average amount of time spent on video has increased by 17%. These are numbers that the company considers very promising, declaring that “the future of video on X is bright!”

X’s transition to a video-first platform has greatly transformed the social media environment. X was once known for its short-form text updates, but it now prioritizes video content in a variety of formats. The platform’s emphasis on immersive, short-form videos matches the efforts of competitors such as TikTok, which adapt to shifting audience preferences. This transition is also driving the growth of long-form videos on the platform, as X strives to compete with established platforms such as YouTube.

As a consequence of this shift, many content creators on X are now focusing their efforts on video. X’s algorithmic prioritization of video content is promoting this pattern, influencing how information is consumed on the site. Furthermore, the recent addition of video-focused features has opened up additional possibilities for income, attracting creators eager to capitalize on this opportunity.

While the shift towards video content has shown promise in increasing engagement and revenue, X still has a long way to go in order to maintain a healthy and trustworthy platform for both creators and users. Implementing robust moderation tools and fact-checking mechanisms might become crucial in ensuring the long-term success of this new direction.

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