Xiaomi EV, the electric vehicle arm of Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, has reached a significant milestone with the delivery of its 10,000th SU7, its first electric vehicle model. The company is now targeting an increase production capacity to achieve its ambitious goal of delivering 100,000 SU7 units by the end of the year.

The SU7, officially launched on March 28th, has quickly gained popularity, with a limited Founders Edition of 5,000 units selling out on the spot. Deliveries began in early April, and the company announced that the 10,000th mass-produced SU7 rolled off the production line on April 29th.

Xiaomi delivered 10,000 SU7 EVs, prepares to double the production in June

The company is now working to increase production capacity to meet the overwhelming demand for the SU7. In April alone, Xiaomi delivered 7,058 SU7s and had locked-in orders for 88,063 units as of the end of the month. The company aims to achieve monthly deliveries exceeding 10,000 units starting in June.

To achieve this goal, Xiaomi EV is implementing a double-shift production model at its Beijing factory, increasing daily production hours from eight to 16. This is expected to boost monthly production capacity to nearly 20,000 units. The company has also increased the hiring of production line employees and conducted equipment maintenance and renovation to prepare for the increased output. In addition to internal efforts, Xiaomi is collaborating with suppliers to ensure a steady supply of parts. The company has reportedly increased orders from suppliers by about 80%.

Xiaomi delivered 10,000 SU7 EVs, prepares to double the production in June

The SU7 is available in three trims: Standard, Pro, and Max, with starting prices ranging from RMB 215,900 (just under $30,000) to RMB 299,900 ($41,500). Customers who order the SU7 are currently looking at a waiting period of at least 30 weeks for delivery, with the delivery time for the Max variant extending to 37 weeks.

Xiaomi’s ambitious production targets and efforts to increase capacity clearly show the company’s determination to establish itself as a major player in the electric vehicle market. With the SU7’s growing popularity and Xiaomi’s proactive approach to production challenges, the company looks well-positioned to achieve its 100,000-unit delivery.

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