After introducing the SU7 EV, Xiaomi started a 100 Q&A session on Chinese social medial channels so that people can get answers to all their questions. In the last part of the session, Xiaomi’s spokesperson denied all rumors about an upcoming EREV version of the SU7.

There won't be a Xiaomi SU7 EREV version after all

A couple of months ago, rumors were pointing at an EREV version of the SU7 after Xiaomi recruited EREV engineers from other companies. However, Xiaomi has officially stated that an EREV car won’t be coming in the next few years. Instead, the Chinese tech giant will be focusing on developing its fully-electric Modena EV platform.

We shouldn’t expect an SU5 anytime soon either, which contradicts some reports about Xiaomi launching a smaller vehicle based on the Modena platform sometime in 2025.

Xiaomi may still launch an extended range electric vehicle, it just won’t be as soon as we initially thought. In fact, some suggest that an EREV will arrive only after a second EV based on the Modena platform comes out.


Xiaomi officially denies SU7 EREV is coming

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