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Foldable phones have significantly increased their market presence as more and more companies enter the fray. The clamshell folding type has gained wider acceptance, perhaps due to its cheaper price and a nostalgia factor. Surprisingly, there are a few brands like Xiaomi and Google yet to introduce their offerings.

Interestingly, Xiaomi appears to be changing that as it has been reported to be working on a clamshell smartphone, called the Xiaomi Mix Flip. The phone made it to the rumor mill a few times before, and now it’s in the news again. We now have fresh details about its cameras, display, and more.

Dual Cameras and A Large Outer Display Tipped for the Xiaomi Mix Flip

Xiaomi's Mix Flip Foldable Is Leaked In Greater Detail 4
Xiaomi's Mix Flip Foldable Is Leaked In Greater Detail 5
Xiaomi's Mix Flip Foldable Is Leaked In Greater Detail 6
Image: Android Headlines

The team at Android Headlines has found a few specs of the upcoming Xiaomi Mix Flip hidden inside HyperOS’s source code. HyperOS, for those living under a rock, is Xiaomi’s new custom user interface running on Xiaomi’s latest devices. Since the OS is also being baked for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip, it has some information about the flip phone.

It was known earlier that the Mix Flip will ship with a dual-camera setup. The new report now adds that the primary lens will be the Light Hunter 800, or the OVX8000, which was previously used on the Redmi K70 Pro. It’s based on Omnivision’s OV50E – a 50MP sensor with a 1/1.55-inch sensor size.

For the secondary lens, Xiaomi has used the Omnivision OV60A, having a resolution of 60MP with a 1/2.8-inch size. Interestingly, this camera lens has only served as a selfie shooter yet. So, it’s rather unclear why it’s on the rear of the Xiaomi Mix Flip. Well, the phone will have an outer display joining the camera setup, so it could be that Xiaomi could have found the lens to be a perfect balance. That said, the main selfie snapper at the front will be the OV32B sensor, having a resolution of 32MP.

What Else Do We Know About the Xiaomi Mix Flip?

Xiaomi's Mix Flip Foldable Is Leaked In Greater Detail 7
Image: GSMChina

A previous leak from GSMChina suggested that Xiaomi will not be going light with Xiaomi Mix Flip’s spec sheet. It is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. They’ve also created a render of the phone, as you can see above. You should take this with a pinch of salt, though, as it is just based on predictions and speculations.

Besides, the Mix Flip will have a 1.5k display primary display, as the source code reveals it will be of a bit lower resolution than the Redmi K70 Pro’s 2k screen.

Xiaomi Mix Flip Release Date and Availability

There’s not much information regarding the launch of Xiaomi’s Mix Flip, but it could debut in May this year. The hint was taken from the phone’s model numbers, 2405CPX3DG/2405CPX3DC, where the 2405 at the front could translate to May 2024.

The Xiaomi Mix Flip will be launched in China and will have a global release as well, though it will not be available in some countries including India.

This is all we know about the foldable yet. We’ll update you with any information we find about the device.

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