Asus has been teasing the follow-up to its ROG Ally handheld gaming computer for a few weeks now. The device, called the ROG Ally X, isn’t a full-blown second-generation, but is an improvement over the current Asus ROG Ally consoles. Today, Asus confirmed the ROG Ally X’s specs to Videocardz, showing us what to expect when it launches at this year’s Computex.

As expected, the ROG Ally X will get a new 80 Wh battery — twice the size of the battery in the current Ally — and 24GB of LPDDR5(X)-7500 memory. It will also get a smaller fan with thinner fins that deliver 10% more airflow. Aside from those features, the console’s specs will remain largely unchanged: it will still sport an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU paired to a 7-inch FHD 120Hz display and an M.2 2280 SSD.

The larger and faster RAM will give the new Ally X an advantage, especially as newer titles require more VRAM. The Z1 Extreme’s integrated graphics will also benefit from faster RAM, which will allow it to push out more frames per second.

Asus is also replacing its proprietary ROG XG Mobile port required to attach an external GPU with a USB4 Type-C port with DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery 3.0. This means you will likely be able to use a third-party external GPU enclosure with the ROG Ally X (and charge the handheld console simultaneously).

Despite these changes, the Ally X will only gain an additional 0.5 cm in thickness and will weigh 70 grams more than the original ROG Ally. This means the Ally X will still be  substantially lighter than the Lenovo Legion Go — and in the same weight range as the Valve Steam Deck OLED.

There have also been reports that Asus has rearranged the Ally X’s internals to make it more repair-friendly (especially with the news that the Ally’s SD card reader is adding to the current console’s overheating issues). This is a crucial move for Asus, especially as it’s in hot water over its warranty and repair policies. With the company making moves to improve its aftersales service, making its products more repairable is a step in the right direction.

The Asus ROG Ally X looks like it will be a solid follow-up to the company’s Steam Deck competitor. Although it’s no second-generation product with a new processor, the additional RAM, longer battery life, and other quality-of-life updates will make it a more compelling option in the increasingly-competitive handheld gaming console space.

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