Market research firm Omdia was cited by The Elec (via MacRumors) as a source for information leaking out about the Vision Pro 2. Yes, it’s true that the original $3,499 Vision Pro spatial computer hasn’t been released and won’t be until January or February, but Apple has already been working on the second-generation mixed reality headset which is rumored to be released in 2027.

The second-generation Vision Pro, according to Omdia, will use a more advanced RGB OLEDoS display that is brighter and more efficient than the WOLED display used on the OG Vision Pro which requires the use of an RGB color filter. Samsung Display is the only company that, at the moment, can deliver RGB OLEDoS displays to be used on the Vision Pro 2; currently, a newly acquired Samsung unit is manufacturing these panels for military use.  

For the Vision Pro 2, Samsung will replace Sony as the supplier of the spatial computer’s display assuming that Apple goes ahead with the rumored plans to upgrade the screen on the device. Sony has limited production capabilities for the display used on the Vision Pro and its yield rate is under 50%. There is a good chance that Apple will upgrade the display for the second-gen Vision Pro especially since using the RGB OLEDoS panel should improve the battery life of the product

The RGB OLEDoS displays use Red, Green, and Blue OLED on silicon and do not require a color filter as the WOLED displays do. That’s because RGB OLEDoS displays draw light and color from RGB sub-pixels using a single layer. The WOLED screens apply a color filter to a White Organic Light Emitting Diode. The lack of a color filter for the RGB OLEDoS displays is what makes them brighter than the WOLED and color filter OLEDoS displays.

Apple reportedly had been working on a more affordable version of the Vision Pro with some features removed in order to make this version of the spatial computer more affordable. A lower-priced mixed reality headset was rumored to arrive in 2025 but currently, it isn’t clear whether or not Apple is actually working on such a project. Meanwhile, Omdia forecasts that Apple will ship fewer than 500,000 Vision Pro units next year.

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