Once the glass was pried off, it was time to start messing around with iPhone 15 Pro's guts.
Once the glass was pried off, it was time to start messing around with iPhone 15 Pro’s guts.
Photo: PBKreviews

The first YouTube video showing a complete teardown and reassembly of the new iPhone 15 Pro highlights its cool components, like the compact A17 Pro chip and the three highly capable cameras.

And it also scores the handset reasonably well on repairability, something Apple has markedly improved in recent years.

iPhone 15 Pro teardown reveals A17 chip, cameras and more

In the nearly 11-minute video, a reviewer from PBKreviews dissembles the iPhone 15 Pro handset piece by piece, explaining in detail which screws need unscrewing in which order and how to remove each piece. It’s complex, but not too difficult to follow.

He shows how relatively easy it is to pry off the glass panel and plate of the handset, compared to previous models before the titanium chassis came in with this one.

And he delivers a few pro tips along the way. So if you’re thinking the unthinkable — messing with your own new iPhone 15 Pro? — watch the video first.

An example of a good tip would be not relying on the pull tabs to lift out the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3,274mAh batterybattery because they often tear. So he loosens up adhesives along the edges and underneath with isopropyl alcohol before wedging out the battery with a plastic tool that looks like a big guitar pick.

7 out of 10 repairability rating

The video gives a good look at iPhone 15's three cameras.
The video gives a good look at iPhone 15 Pro’s three cameras.
Photo: PBKreviews

The reviewer moderately praised the handset’s repairability, something Apple has received criticism for over the years. After all, many people would rather fix and extend the life of gear rather than replace it, especially for something like a worn out battery.

PBKreviews gave iPhone 15 Pro a repairability score of 7 out of 10, breaking it down this way:

  • 0.5/2 — Organization and length of time for repairs.
  • 2/2 — Generally how easy it is to find replacement parts.
  • 2/2 — How easy it is to replace the screen.
  • 1.5/2 — How easy it to replace the battery.
  • 1/2 — How easy it is to replace other parts (charger port, etc.).

But the reviewer maintained some skepticism.

“And that’s if even any of the parts are replaceable,” he said. “When it comes to Apple most parts are locked down, and even if you replace them they’re going to pop up some kind of error message or not work properly.”

Watch the video

With iPhone 15 Pro preorders in progress, the handsets start shipping Friday.

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