Google has just introduced a new feature called “Speaking practice” in the Search Labs, designed to revolutionize language learning. This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help English learners improve their conversational skills through interactive exercises. Furthermore, the firm has stated to TechCrunch that the feature is currently being tested in several regions. It includes Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

This represents a major advancement in Google’s mission to make language learning accessible and engaging for users across the globe. Moreover, this program allows users to try out early-stage Google Search experiences. The feature is intended at improving users’ English skills by using AI technology to generate real-life conversational situations. Subsequently, this helps learners practice new vocabulary in real-world scenarios.

The origins of Speaking practice are embedded in Google’s ongoing commitment to aid English learners. In October, they introduced a feature that focused on sentence practice with an importance on grammar and clarity. However, the newest version elevates language learning by integrating interactive conversational practice.

Speaking practice serves as a virtual language tutor

The Speaking practice feature was first revealed by a tech-savvy user on X. The user has shared screenshots demonstrating the feature’s functionality. These images offer insight into how the feature works, as the AI presents users with conversational prompts that demand personalized responses. One example involves the AI expressing interest in enhancing fitness and posing the question, “Which animals should we see?” Users are then challenged to craft a response that includes key terms like “bear,” “lion,” and “tiger.”

Furthermore, the Speaking practice feature acts as a digital language coach, leading users through interactive dialogues and offering valuable feedback to enhance their conversational skills. Google aims to build confidence and fluency in English communication by encouraging active participation in spoken exchanges, providing users with the tools necessary for effective engagement in everyday conversations.

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