Last updated: August 22nd, 2023 at 12:09 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s web app designed for iPhone users to test Galaxy smartphones got updated and can now offer a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 experience. iPhone users can get a taste of One UI 5.1.1 and some of the exclusive features Samsung has developed for its foldable devices.

Only Samsung is so bold as to create a Galaxy smartphone experience for iPhone users. But its Try Galaxy platform, released in 2022, fulfills that purpose and is getting regular updates with new experiences. The Galaxy S23 was added to the app earlier this year, and now, iPhone users can test the fifth-generation foldable phones virtually.

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You can try the FlexCam experience on your iPhone

Thanks to this new Try Galaxy update, iPhone users can explore the iconic FlexCam mode enabled by the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. Users can experience how the foldable devices unlock new camera capabilities, at least to a degree the software permits, given that iPhones don’t fold. By the way, Samsung suggests you can get closer to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 experience by using two iPhones side by side.

iPhone users can now try out One UI 5.1.1 features on their devices

In addition, iPhone users can try multi-tasking features such as enhanced drag-and-drop. And lastly, the updated Try Galaxy experience allows iPhone users to learn what the Galaxy ecosystem has to offer through features such as Quick Share, Samsung Health, and more.

You can take these features for a spin by visiting Try Galaxy and scanning the QR code with your iPhone. Samsung says the app now supports five more languages (20 in total) thanks to the addition of Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Latin American Spanish, and Russian.

Trying out the Try Galaxy platform doesn’t cost you anything, and it probably is the easiest and most convenient way of getting a taste of Samsung’s smartphones and software through your iPhone without even having to leave the house. If you’re an iPhone owner wondering what One UI 5.1.1 is all about, Try Galaxy offers one easy way to find out.

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