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Foldables are the current cutting-edge of smartphones and a status symbol to some extent. If you’ve got a foldable, people know right away that you spent a lot more than the average smartphone to get one. But that’s precisely one of the problems with the adoption of foldables: they’re expensive.

Well, it seems like Samsung is focused on providing more affordable options in the Galaxy Z segment this year. Not only has it been rumored that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be getting two models this year, but so will the Galaxy Z Flip 6 — and we know that one is going to be more affordable than the phone currently is.

Summer’s Unpacked Event May Bring A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 FE

2024 May Have A Second More Affordable Galaxy Z Flip Model 5
Image: Smartprix/OnLeaks on X

We’ve had our fill of Samsung flagships thanks to the launch of the S24 series at the start of the year, but by summer, we’ll be hungry again. Fortunately, Samsung’s second Unpacked event will bring the Galaxy Z devices, and this year, it will be very different.

A report from SisaJournal says Samsung is planning to release two Galaxy Z Flip 6 models, and one of them will target being a lot more affordable. For context, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 launched at $999 for the base model, and that went to $1,099 for the higher-specced option. That’s expensive, especially considering the S23+ had the exact pricing for the base model, yet it was objectively a better phone for power users. But maybe that’s the thing; the Z Flips aren’t for power users.

What We Expect from The Samsung Galaxy Flip 6
Image: Samsung

Either way, if we can expect a regular Z Flip 6 to cost $999, just like last year, it’d be nice to see a cheaper model—perhaps a Z Flip 6 FE—start at $799 and give Motorola’s excellent Razr+ some competition. Of course, that means a lot of corners will be cut in the process, but it might make for a generally more compelling foldable for the average person. It’s expected to have a lower-end processor, display, and battery.

The Second Z Fold 6 Could Be More ‘Premium’

2024 May Have A Second More Affordable Galaxy Z Flip Model 6
Image: Smartprix/OnLeaks on X

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices are far from affordable in every sense of the word. The Z Fold 5 launched at a whopping $1,800, so it is definitely not cheap. There are reports that Samsung is also planning to release a second Galaxy Z Fold 6 model. Still, it looks like the second model may instead be higher-priced and focused on a more premium experience rather than affordability (though this is solely my interpretation, and I’d love to be proven wrong).

The higher-end model will retain S-Pen support (though it’s not sure whether it’ll have a slot for the stylus), and now that I think of it, it may exclusively adopt the more squared-off design we saw in renders for the Z Fold 6. However, since the Z Fold 5 has S-Pen support, I’ll keep on hoping for the higher-end model to maintain the current pricing and for the vanilla model to be cheaper.

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