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The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the darling of the Android world at the moment, as all Samsung flagships tend to be whenever they come out. The cameras were expected to be some of the best in the industry but customers had many complaints after actually using them.

The phone has had a few updates to take care of some of the camera complaints, but it seems like all of the issues are yet to be resolved, and by the looks of things, June’s update for the Galaxy S24 series will be coming with yet another set of fixes for its cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Might Be Getting Some Major Camera Improvements Next Month

Samsung galaxy S24 lineup
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s priority smartphone line at the moment is the Galaxy S24 family, so it isn’t very shocking that the phones have been getting their updates very regularly, every month since launch. Of course, that means we should expect yet another update soon, as June nears. The best part is, by the sound of things, this June update should come with good news for the Galaxy camera.

Savvy people snooping around on Samsung‘s test servers have spotted new firmware builds hanging around there, and Samsung-specialized tipster Tarun Vats has let us all in on the fact that the company is already testing the S928BXXU2AXE4 build for the S24. Apparently, the “U” near the middle of the build number points to the fact that this is a feature update (which I’ll admit is a new piece of info for me).

Since this means a relatively major update, most people are guessing that this means another suite of camera improvements are about to find their way to the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. It was previously stated that the zoom performance of the S24 series was very inconsistent, so my money is on the zoom being a major area of improvement.

However, until the changelogs are made public, there’s a lot that we’re yet to know about the June update and the positive changes it should bring our way.

The Galaxy S23 Will Be Getting A Feature Update Too, Likely To Squash Major Bugs

The Samsung Galaxy S24 family isn’t going to be alone when it comes to getting major updates in June, as it also seems there’s a “U” update on its way for the Galaxy S23 series next month.

These phones have been out for well over a year, so there’s little that needs to be improved drastically. However, they got the update to One UI 6.1 and many users have been complaining of a major drop in battery life with these smartphones. Again, as there is no changelog, we can only guess, but the assumption is that this feature update might be here to kill some bugs and potentially restore battery life to relatively normal levels.

For now, we’re going to need to wait until June for the update to come, but you can be sure that we’ll be here to let you know more as soon as there’s more to know.

Through Tecno, Gionee, Vivo, Google, and now Samsung, Ayomide has always been an Android enthusiast. His current partner in crime is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can find him playing Candy Crush or Call of Duty: Mobile, watching movies, and he is a big fan of trivia and quizzes.

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