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C. Scott Brown / Android Authority


  • Deutsche Telekom has introduced a new concept phone that relies entirely on AI.
  • The company states that this experimental device has an app-free interface.
  • The AI handset is just a concept and could end up as just vaporware

AI has been the talk of the industry as of late, and this year’s MWC is no exception. As companies are unveiling their AI products and ideas, it seems a concept AI smartphone from Deutsche Telekom is one of the reveals that is catching the eye of attendees.

Today, Deutsche Telekom introduced a new concept handset that relies solely on AI. It’s an experimental device that’s said to handle all of the user’s needs with the help of AI instead of apps.

The idea for this device seems to stem from what the company believes could be a possible future for smartphones. “I can tell you that in 5-10 years from now, nobody from us will use apps anymore,” said CEO Tim Hoettges in the keynote presentation.

Telekom Concept AI Phone MWC 2024 Example Chat

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Some use cases for such a device include submitting prompts and receiving generated suggestions for travel, food, or products to buy. Or you could take a picture and ask the AI to send the photo to friends and family.

Deutsche Telekom developed this AI handset in collaboration with Qualcomm and Brain.AI. Speaking of Brain.AI, the company already has an iOS app that claims to do the same thing this phone does. However, most of the reviews that the app has appear to be negative.

It’s important to emphasize that the AI handset is just a concept. There’s a good chance it will just end up as vaporware in the end.

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