Aligning with the industry trends, Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series with a focus on AI. The series comes with a suite of AI features that are branded as Galaxy AI. Although the name suggests that the AI features or the LLM behind it are developed by the company itself, this is actually not the case.

Samsung is using Google’s Gemini to power the AI features. And some of the Galaxy AI features, such as Circle to Search aren’t even exclusive to Samsung’s devices. The feature was built by Google and it also became available to the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 7 series at a later date.

This is the feature on Android that lets you search what you see on screen, without even learning the app. It just requires you to mark the object and AI does the rest. For this seamless operation, users have appreciated this feature more than anything else.

Samsung says, “Circle to Search with Google revolutionized the way users search, helping it become the most widely used AI feature amongst Galaxy S24 users. It allows them to learn more about almost anything on their screens quickly with a simple gesture, without having to switch apps.”

9To5Google speculates a reason behind the success of Circle to Search. Samsung has closely integrated most other features of Galaxy AI with its ecosystem of software products. It essentially requires users to use those apps and services, which according to the publication, “aren’t really for everyone.” Additionally, Google has also contributed to advertising Circle to Search, as it is also using it.

Notably, Google’s Pixel 8 series also has similar implementations to Samsung’s other Galaxy AI features, one of which is “Transcript Assist.” The Pixel recorder in Google Pixel 8 can also generate transcriptions of the recordings and can create summaries for a quick glance.

Galaxy AI is rolling out to 2023 flagships

Other Galaxy AI features include Browsing Assist, Call Assist, Note Assist, Chat Assist, Generative Photo Editing, Photo editing suggestions, etc. We previously reported that Samsung has been working on releasing these features to 2023 flagships, such as the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy S23FE, and finally the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Now it seems that the time has finally come for 2023 Galaxy flagship users to experience the Galaxy AI features.

Samsung has announced that OneUI 6.1 will roll out starting March 28 for the above-mentioned devices. It may take a few days for Samsung to complete the rollout. Nonetheless, Galaxy AI is finally making its way to 2023’s Galaxy flagships.

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