Corning announces Gorilla Armor, debuts on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S24 series, including the premium S24 Ultra. The makers behind the next-gen Corning Gorilla Armor screen dive into what makes the display cover so special.

Gorilla Glass has been utilized by the most popular smartphones for as long as most Android and iPhone users can remember. While Apple has moved on to a proprietary Ceramic Shield panel, most Android OEMs still turn to Corning for whatever Gorilla Glass can offer.

Debuting with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Corning has officially announced its latest panel – Gorilla Armor. Straying away from the “glass” nomenclature we’ve become all too familiar with, Gorilla Armor offers quite a big jump in durability and design. On the surface, the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems to be carrying a normal glass display, but the company behind it is backing it up with bold claims.

The panel itself is made from 25% pre-consumer recycled content. According to Corning, the new glass is capable of reducing reflection by up to 75%, which can benefit users in literally any scenario other than using your phone in complete darkness.

The company also notes that lab tests indicate that the new Corning Gorilla Armor offers much better scratch resistance, which is something often heard in new glass development. Corning states that it used a new aptly named “Scratch Bot” to induce micro scratches on the paneling over a period of time. According to the company’s own test results, no visible scratches were seen after the tests.

Until the Galaxy S24 Ultra is in the hands of users, it’s impossible to verify this claim. If true, it would mean more users would be able to confidently walk out of the house without a screen protector, which would be nice.

Another big goal of Corning was to improve optics in its glass screens. The Galaxy S24 Ulta’s QHD+ display is set to shine through a lot better with Gorilla Armor, which aims to improve the overall clarity of the AMOLED paneling underneath it.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available for pre-order now, with units becoming available sometime around the end of January.

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Corning announces Gorilla Armor, debuts on Galaxy S24 Ultra

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