As many of you know, Samsung is working on the new Galaxy Tab S10 series. The tech giant is gearing up to introduce a new addition to the well-loved and popular Tab S series. New details we discovered have revealed the models of the Galaxy Tab S10 series.

Galaxy Tab S10 series models have been confirmed via model numbers

The new details we spotted reveal the model numbers of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S10 series and also provide some clues as to where they will be available around the world. We have spotted that Samsung is working on the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra. The model numbers for the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus are SM-X828U, SM-X826B, and SM-X826N. The Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra has the model number SM-X926B.

We don’t have the specs for the Galaxy Tab S10 series yet, but the model numbers indicate that Samsung is indeed working on the new Tab S10 series. Furthermore, the model numbers hint at which regions they will be available. Leaked model numbers reveal that Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and Tab S10 Ultra will be available in the Global, US, and Korean regions. Notice that we have Tab S10 Ultra’s Global model number only, but the Ultra should be available in the US and Korean too.

Tab S10 Ultra SM X926B

Tab S10 Ultra SM X926B

As you can easily notice, there isn’t a standard Galaxy Tab S10 listed among the model numbers in our database. This is not because Samsung has stopped manufacturing the standard model, but rather because Samsung may not have started the development of a cellular version of the Galaxy Tab S10 yet. That variant is almost certainly coming as well. That’s the only scenario that makes sense.

We expect the devices to launch in Q1 2025

It’s actually not easy to guess when Samsung will release its new tablets. The company released the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in August 2020, then introduced the new devices 1.5 years later. Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S8 in March 2022 together with the Galaxy S22 series. Then, 1.5 years later, the Galaxy Tab S9 was released in August 2023 together with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. As we’re in Q2 of 2024, we expect the tech giant to launch the Galaxy Tab S10 series next year. So, we assume it will take around 1.5 years again for Samsung to introduce their new tablets. Samsung might unveil the Galaxy Tab S10 series in January or February next year, together with the Galaxy S25 series.

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