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There’s always a strong argument not to buy the latest Android phone right at launch, especially if you don’t have a device to trade. This is partly because you often don’t need to wait long to catch the first cash discount on even the most coveted handsets, as today’s deals prove. Little more than a month after release, all three of the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones have their first price drops on Amazon today, knocking as much as $150 off retail.

The $150 discount on the Galaxy S24 Plus is probably our pick of the offers, as it’s the biggest in percentage terms. The base 256GB model of the handset is down from $1,000 to $849.99 and the larger-capacity 512GB variant is reduced from $1,120 to $979.99. Apart from the extra storage it has on the Galaxy S24, it offers more RAM and a larger screen with higher resolution.

But bargain hunters will be most interested in the markdown on the standard Galaxy S24, which is the cheapest option with or without a discount. Unlike the other two models, there’s only $100 off this handset, but that still means you’re getting one of the hottest phones of the moment for as little as $699.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deal matches the $150 savings of the S24 Plus on all storage sizes, meaning you can get the base 256GB model for $1,149.99. Given that there was an extra bump in price for the top-spec handset compared to last year’s Galaxy S23 range, this will come as welcome news to buyers.

The timing of these deals is undoubtedly coinciding with the Discover Samsung sale from the brand, so we hope they will last all week. But Amazon gives no such guarantees, so catch them while you can via the widgets above.

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