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Samsung released the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in August 2022, so the premium earbuds are ready for a refresh. According to rumors, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are in the works with an expected release date later this year.

X user @rquandt (via Sammobile) claimed “Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro incoming. That’s it. That’s the tweet,” earlier this week. No specifics were added to the rumor, just that the earbuds are “in the works.” A previous report by Sammobile sources indicated a 2024 release window, which corroborates @rquandt’s claim.

Other than a general release window, we don’t know a lot about what additional bells and whistles the updated buds will launch with. One rumor we do have is that the new Pro buds may feature on-device AI for real-time language translation.

On-device AI could be a major selling point

Enabling Dolby Atmos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra

(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro already included a ton of features like active noise cancellation, enhanced 360-degree audio, Intelligent Conversation Mode to turn down noise cancelling when your voice is detected, and IPX7 water resistance. Adding AI language translation to the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro seems like a good fit. We saw plenty of real-time translation tools at CES this year like the Rabbit R1 and SolosTranslate glasses. But AI translation earbuds were noticably absent, so Samsung could easily fill that void with the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

For now, that feature remains only a rumor. But considering the Galaxy AI features on the new Samsung S24 phones, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

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Galaxy Buds 3 Pro rumored to launch with real-time language translation later this year

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